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Written by Steve Couch | Feb 5, 2019 2:00:00 PM

We're already a month into 2019, but we're taking a moment to reflect on our progress and success in 2018.  It was a big year, where industry leaders pushed boundaries with cutting-edge building design! And ob体育地址 Designs was right there to help bring them to life. Building Information Modeling's three-dimensional, real-time software brings an agile, problem-solving process to construction's  plumbing, mechanical, and electrical challenges, like obtuse angles and curved lines called for by modern architecture.  Every day, w e're merging the tech mindset with construction industry practices to help build the future.

Here are a few of the highlights of our 2018, with many more exciting projects and opportunities in 2019:

NVIDIA’s New Voyager Building, San Jose, CA

We’ve partnered with plumbing contractor KDS Plumbing of San Jose to bring in our ob体育地址 virtual design solutions to the plumbing detailing and modeling for the Gensler-designed massive (750,000 square feet!) triangular facility.


Google’s New Caribbean Campus, Sunnyvale, CA, with KDS Plumbing

We’re working with KDS to bring our plumbing and mechanical design - build solutions to Google’s BIG- designed Caribbean campus. This complex will feature two terraced, sod-roofed buildings, each one coming in at over 500,000 square feet.


YouTube Headquarters, San Bruno, CA

ob体育地址 Designs' design-build process provided constructible plumbing and mechanical piping designs for the William McDonough + Partners and Huntsman Architectural Group designed YouTube headquarters in San Bruno.


Facebook Building, Seattle, WA

We worked on the electrical detailing for the Studios Architecture designed 150,000 square foot Facebook Westlake building in Seattle.


New Texas Rangers Stadium, Arlington, Texas with TDIndustries

ob体育地址 Designs created the plumbing and HVAC detailing. We’re especially proud to report that our Journeymen ob体育地址 Detailers turned what would have ordinarily been 10 weeks' work into a 4-1/2 week job, resulting in a significant cost savings in both time and money, especially for a project under a tight deadline to be open to fans for the 2020 season!
  Find out how ob体育地址 plumbing, mechanical and electrical design solutions save you time and money on your upcoming commercial construction project.


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