ob体育地址 Designs, Inc. is a US-Based, Minority-Owned Union Signatory ob体育地址 Company
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ob体育地址 Designs believes in creating an entrepreneurial company culture based on teamwork, passion, and performance that encourages collaborative creative problem-solving and rewards our employees for dedication, innovation, teamwork, and measurable results.

Culture, employee happiness, and education are a priority for us here at ob体育地址 Designs. We have a strong focus on training and cross-training, ensuring our team has comprehensive knowledge and training in AutoCAD MEPF Fabrication, Revit, and other tools like ob体育地址 360. We believe in giving our detailers and engineers the flexibility to do the excellent work they've been trained and certified to do as tradesmen and journeymen.

Our management team respects a policy where we do not directly solicit employees from other contractors or partners. We are active on social media and advertising for open positions and we follow up on every application we receive.

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