ob体育地址 Designs, Inc. is a US-Based, Minority-Owned Union Signatory ob体育地址 Company
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Construction Services

Welcome to 2021! I'm noticing that many construction companies, and especially VDC/ob体育地址 teams, are already starting to feel overwhelmed by all the projects that are simultaneously restarting around the country, as budgets are being released, new bid requests come in, and companies rethink how to address dynamic ob体育地址 detailing needs.

So, it feels like a good time to check in and remind you that you aren't alone; that you can conquer anything; and that a successful project, team, or even life is just a question of design.

Let us help you, let's talk about your preconstruction challenges and map out solutions, together. Ultimately, we created our company to help meet your needs. And that starts with understanding what they are.

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We are so passionate about identifying and supporting you and ensuring that your company is positioned for success, as the construction industry undergoes a digital transformation .

Some solutions that might be NEW TO YOU include:

  • ob体育地址 Staff Augmentation (We can dispatch a detailer to your team)
  • Management of ob体育地址 Trade Coordination
  • Laser Scanning - we can create your Digital Twin!

You might be interested in some of our other services as well, such as:

  • ob体育地址 Detailing
  • Coordination, Clash Detection, and Model Management
  • Mechanical System Engineering and Design/Build
  • Pre-construction Planning and Consulting
  • Fire Protection Detailing

Normally, I'd be on a plane this time of year, flying to wherever you are; but with COVID-19's impact on our ability to meet in person, how about we set up a virtual office visit ?

I know that you can totally crush 2021 and beyond, no matter what comes your way, if we work together. So, let's connect and get started!

Steve Couch

About the Author

Steve Couch is the Head of Sales and Marketing for ob体育地址 Designs, Inc, and is based in Phoenix, AZ. He manages the marketing, sales, and estimating teams to drive revenue and expand client portfolios. An avid international traveler and award-winning public speaker, his experience in public relations, organizational leadership, project management, and communications make him a natural relationship builder, and enables him to build strong community and corporate partnerships.

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