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Written by Luke Lightning | Aug 25, 2021 6:33:23 PM

Our team is thrilled to bring you this new episode of the Future Construct Podcast (23 min interview), where we spotlight Doug Ludlow  ( @dougludlow ), CEO at MainStreet ( @MainStreet ). MainStreet helps software, hardware, and venture-backed companies realize tax credits opportunities missed by many accountants. Doug is a serial entrepreneur and senior executive, with over 15 years of leadership experience, scaling new companies and serving as an innovation resource. Doug founded two other companies prior to MainStreet, then he transitioned to Google as an Operations Lead and then Chief of Staff, where he spent over three years. There, he also met the two other co-founders of MainStreet. 

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Some highlights of Doug's interview with host Amy Peck ( @VirtualGirlNY ) include:

  • How the evolution of technology will impact the community and small businesses, as tech companies continue to spread from the major tech hubs
  • Where the shifts are in inbounds and customers as innovation continues to evolve in the increasingly remote workforce
  • How influence plays a role in a small business and the direction Mainstreet is headed
  • His insights on whether startups are aggressive or cautious toward pushing and accepting new technology

Click to listen to our interview with Doug on Apple , Spotify , or Google , or watch on YouTube


Doug grew up in Modesto, an agricultural town in Central California. Despite Modesto city’s proximity to Silicon Valley, the city was almost entirely cut off from the technology industry: the economic engine of the 21st century. Doug helped start MainStreet in part to help bring back good jobs, and upward mobility to the people living in his hometown.

Click to listen to our interview with Doug on Apple , Spotify , or Google , or watch on YouTube


We sincerely hope you enjoy this special episode of the Future Construct podcast and we would love to hear your suggestions for future guests!

- All good things, Luke Lightning, PhD

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Show Notes

0:37  Amy Peck introduces Doug Ludlow, the CEO at Mainstreet .

6:09 So, I'd love to hear where you think the evolution of technology will go as it relates to community and reinvigorating small businesses?

12:54   Are you seeing in terms of your inbounds and your customer base, are they coming from larger cities, or trend upwards into more suburban or even  rural  areas?

15:30  And let's just talk about a global view. What do you see as the outlook in the startup space with technology?  Is there caution or is it full steam ahead?

18:02 Do you see an opportunity for your company to get so large and influential because your working with so much small business that you might even be able to influence tax credits ? Is that the goal to have that level of impact and influence to help some of these challenges?

29:36   If you could project yourself 15 to 20 years in the future, and you can you could bring with you any gadget or service that makes you personally happy, what would it be and what would it do ?

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