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Written by Luke Lightning | May 11, 2022 6:46:20 PM

In this week's episode of the Future Construct Podcast (27 min interview), we are excited to feature Jenny Moshea  ( @JennyMoshea ), Chief Information Officer at  Sellen Construction   ( @SellenConstruct ). Jenny is an a ccomplished technology and transformation executive. She has been recognized for the ability to create business value through technology, develop high-performing teams, and establish cross-functional partnerships. Jenny is known for getting things done with creativity, energy, and adaptability. She has a proven track record in motivating and leading teams to deliver success under complex conditions.

“I love the complexity of commercial construction and the exciting advances in construction tech. It’s incredible to be part of the extraordinary transformation in our industry.” - Jenny Moshea

Sellen Construction builds iconic projects for the region’s tech, science, arts, health care and hospitality leaders. They believe in building community by creating unique spaces where significant things happen, and in giving back to non-profit organizations that make our community a great place in which to live and work.

Sellen Construction operates primarily in the Pacific Northwest and offers a wide range of services from preconstruction support, cost estimating and constructability services, to Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), integrated project delivery and sustainability services. Sellen has a Special Projects group that regularly performs renovations and tenant improvements in existing buildings for a variety of office and health care clients.

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Highlights of Jenny’s interview with host Amy Peck ( @AmyPeckXR ) include:

  • The work that Sellen Construction has done in the cybersecurity space developing their "Sellen S.O.S. Team"
  • Some of the projects that Sellen Construction is currently working on
  • How emerging technology plays a role in current operation and direction of Sullen Construction and how far ahead the company is looking at future technology
  • Discussing the impact Sullen Construction's work has on the end user, how the "metaverse" will impact the workforce

Jenny is passionate about creating lasting value and making life easier through technology solutions that power our workforce. She brings a fresh perspective fueled by nearly 25 years of experience in the technology industry to Sellen Construction. As Sellen’s CIO, Jenny leads the company’s technology vision and roadmap that encompasses digital transformation, construction lifecycle applications, emerging technology, network infrastructure, service management, and cybersecurity. Jenny loves to travel and enjoys adventures with her husband and three children along with watching movies, golfing, and biking. She can often be found wine tasting along the Sammamish River Trail.

Jenny serves on several construction tech industry boards and is on the Board of Directors for Imagine Housing .

Click to listen to our interview with Jenny on Apple , Spotify , or Google , or watch on our Facebook or  YouTube channels.


Show Notes

0:37     Amy Peck introduces Jenny Moshea, Chief Information Officer at Sellen Construction.

05:08    You mentioned cybersecurity and where that's going. Where would you like to begin with that?

7:39   And so, when I'm perusing, I was drawn to some of the work you're doing in mixed reality. Are some of those, projects you can talk about?

9:09    So how are you looking at really enabling technology at scale?

14:23   So how far in advance are you thinking about emerging technologies, but then there's the day-to-day? How do we improve process today, but where do we want to go ? And how do you balance that in your day-to-day?

25:10   If you could project yourself 20, 25 years into the future, and if you could bring with you any product or service that would make your life better or make you personally happy, what would it be and what would it do?

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