ob体育地址 Designs, Inc. is a US-Based Minority Owned Business & Union Signatory Contractor
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ob体育地址 Designs, Inc (BDI) has a strict Non-Solicitation policy. We do not actively solicit employees away from our current clients, current partners, or past clients or past partners. By solicit, we mean that we do not individually target and initiate recruiting conversations with individuals and we do not initiate encouraging any person to leave their employment or other services to join our employment. Upon becoming aware of a potential solicitation event, meaning an employee of BDI has been solicited or has solicited an employee of a current client, current partner, past client, or past partner, BDI employees are to inform their Department Lead of the event. The Department Lead is to inform Leadership and Leadership will anonymize the interested party and inform our client or partner of the event without disclosing the individual’s identities. In an interest to build trust and maintain a strong relationship with the current clients, current partners, past clients, or past partners, the informing party, from or designated by Leadership, will schedule a phone call with the client or partner management team to inform them of the solicitation event.
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