Ramone T.

Ramone T.


Ramone is a Master Plumber and Draftsman from UA Local 68 in Houston, Texas. He has been detailing for 9 years and had 5 years of field work before he started as a Project Manager. In his role, he gets an understanding of the "bigger picture" on each of his projects; and ensures that each are delivered on time, within budget and local code requirements, and with a consistent focus on client satisfaction. Ramone has also worked as a Foreman and a ob体育地址 Manager in previous roles. He is passionate about Navisworks and loves sharing the tactics and expertise that make him successful within the platform with the team, every day. When Ramone is not hard at work, he plays basketball, spends time with his family, and participates in volunteer work.

Complete Projects:


1 North 1st
Adobe TI
Indeed TI 2&U
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory B223 &  B224