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In this week's episode of the Future Construct Podcast (35 min interview), we are excited to feature Ryan Denehy , Founder and CEO of Electric . Ryan is a serial entrepreneur with three ventures and two exits to public companies. Ryan has served as an investor and hands-on advisor to numerous brands including Stadium Goods , Blackbird , and Anchor Worldwide . He has attained a broad level of experience in all aspects of revenue strategy through direct sales, channel sales, BD and M&A. He also has the proven ability to develop a vision, build the team, and get the job done in developing ideas into businesses.

Electric is on a mission to revolutionize IT by making it simple, effortless, & lightning-fast for businesses everywhere. Through a "first of its kind" technology, paired with an elite squadron of IT technicians, Electric delivers lightning-fast IT support. Whether you're remote or onsite, Electric provides real-time issue resolution, security at the device, app and network levels, employee onboarding/offboarding and IT management. Founded in New York City in 2016, Electric is a Series D startup backed by Atreides Management, Bessemer Venture Partners, Primary Venture Partners, 01 Advisors, Greenspring Associates, Vintage Investment Partners and Slack.

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Highlights of Ryan’s interview with host Amy Peck ( @AmyPeckXR ) include:

  • The challenges Ryan is seeing in the AEC industry around IT concerns and some of the ways Electric able to help solve that
  • Some of the ways that mid-size companies can look at how to grow
    or how to pivot
  • Where the puck is going in a lot of the major businesses and opportunities in immersive technology
  • The impact that [our recent world health obstacle] has had on Electric, during a growth cycle

Ryan got his start making extreme sports videos, which he parlayed into an online ad network and media company that eventually sold to USA Today Sports in 2008, while he was still in college. After realizing he didn’t want spend the rest of his career in online advertising, he left USA Today and started his first software company, Swarm. The vision was to build a google analytics type solution for small and medium sized retailers. Ryan sold Swarm to Groupon in 2014. During his time building Swarm, Ryan was selling products through a network of local IT providers. When he realized only a handful of the IT providers he was working with provided the expertise and service level he expected, he knew there was an opportunity for disruption.  Today, Electric has about 450 employees serving over 700 customers, 40,000 end users and is seeing incredible growth.

Click to listen to our interview with Ryan on Apple , Spotify , or Google , or watch on our Facebook or  YouTube .






Show Notes

0:37     Amy Peck introduces Ryan Denehy, Founder and CEO at Electric.

05:36   What do you think are some of the ways that mid-size companies can look at how to grow or how to pivot?

8:42   And so without giving away your next company, what are some of trends? Where is the puck going in a lot of the businesses that we're all think about? Let's take immersive technology, do you see some opportunities there?

12:17    So we have a pretty broad audience in the AEC realm. I'm really curious on some of the challenges you're seeing in that industry around IT concerns and some of the ways you're able to help solve that?

21:19    So how has the situation that we're hopefully at the tail end of, how  did that impact your company, because it fell squarely in the middle of your growth cycle? Was that impactful in a positive way, negative, neutral?

25:40   If you could project yourself 20, 25 years into the future, besides the next two or three companies you will have built by then, and if you bring with you any kind of gadget or service that would make your life better or make you personally happy, what would it be and what would it do?

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