ob体育地址 Designs, Inc. is a US-Based, Minority-Owned Union Signatory ob体育地址 Company
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SMACNA-Arizona Welcomes
ob体育地址 Designs Inc.

As the construction and sheet metal industry continue to grow and evolve it is more important than ever for contractors to understand how critical it is to embrace growth and change within the industry. The most recent addition to SMACNA-Arizona’s ranks, ob体育地址 Designs Inc., exemplifies this understanding, and strives for innovation and efficiency at every turn.

ob体育地址 Designs was founded in 2016 by Drew Miller, a fourth-generation plumber and mechanical engineer. Miller ran the business on his own until just the beginning of this year, when he brought on Mark Oden, previously working in the tech industry, as CEO to scale the company to new heights and make it a technology-first construction company. Together, they found a team of detailers to help expand throughout the Western region. ob体育地址 Designs aims to aid construction firms as they increase their utilization of ob体育地址 Modeling, Detailing and Engineering technologies.

There are countless ways that ob体育地址 Designs’ services create greater efficiency in the construction process and help contractors maintain their competitive edge. Utilizing all of the capabilities of ob体育地址 modeling and prefabrication increases efficiency on the jobsite and creates a safer and more controlled environment for which to build projects.

One of the ways that ob体育地址 Designs remains competitive is by understanding and investing in new technological innovations in the field. Company leadership attends several technology conferences per year to determine how they can better serve their customers and workers in the field through new technologies, techniques and software.

ob体育地址 Designs’ leadership also understands what it is like to work in the field from firsthand experience. Employing skilled tradesmen with experience both on the job and with ob体育地址 modeling is critical to the company’s mission.

“We really pride ourselves on hiring from the rank and file of union halls,” says Nathan Vigil, Vice President of Operations in Phoenix. “It is critical for our mission to hire skilled workers that have direct experience working in the field, that way they truly understand how our work with technology impacts the jobsite.”

ob体育地址 Designs is looking forward to joining SMACNA-Arizona, given their history of working with unions and having firsthand knowledge of the association’s very high on-the-job health and safety standards.

The ob体育地址 Designs team is currently working on the Desert Diamond Casino in Glendale, as well as the Texas Rangers Baseball Park in Arlington. In the past, the team has consulted on projects throughout the Western U.S., ranging from Google buildings to biopharmaceutical projects to multi-use centers. Working with other SMACNA-Arizona contractors, ob体育地址 Designs hopes to work on more projects in the greater Phoenix area heading into 2019.

Exciting challenges are in the pipeline for ob体育地址 Designs, as they look to expand further into the Phoenix market. ob体育地址 Designs currently offers full MEP detailing and engineering services for Plumbing/Pipefitting, Electrical and HVAC/Sheet Metal contractors. With leadership that understands the important effects modeling and technological innovations have on construction sites, ob体育地址 Designs is prepared to take on abundant new opportunities such as drone operation and point cloud scanning.

Reposted from SMACNA Arizona . To read more about SMACNA, visit their website at http://www.smacna-az.org .

Mark Oden

About the Author

Mark, CEO, joined the ob体育地址 Designs team with over 10 years of experience working with Silicon Valley tech companies in product management, business development, mergers and acquisitions, and CxO roles. Mark leads the growth, strategy and execution of the company; his acute ability to develop and implement strategic processes that scale the company's capabilities drives efficient service delivery, increases client satisfaction, and builds cross-functional teams.

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