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Phoenix, AZ

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Plumbing Detailing


Kaneohe Bay, Island of Oahu, Hawaii

Type of Project:

Public Works - Residential

Construction Type:

New Construction

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ob体育地址 Designs, Inc. was responsible for detailing and coordination services, design drawings, and a bill of materials that meet or exceed the requirements of our client.

280 personnel in a 2 + 0 room configuration with semi-private baths.

“Quality of Life” was the primary design emphasis, where accommodations are provided with a residential theme with varying massing of the buildings, pitched roofs, air conditioned spaces, and recreational facilities.

Amenities also included laundry facilities, lounges, sundecks, and barbecue pavilions. While maintaining an aesthetic appearance, the new facility was designed with a high degree of durability to withstand the corrosive environment of Kaneohe Bay. The buildings were also constructed with sustainable practices and should achieve a LEED Silver rating by the US Green Building Council.

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